Handheld Game Players

【PSV official accessories】 Sony (SONY) PlayStation Vita memory card (32G) Packaging Shipping Weight : 0.01kg Net Weight : 0.01kg Package Size : 10.7cm x 0.2cm x 13.6cm What’s in the box : PlayStation Vita host * 1, USB cable * 1, AC adapter * 1, AC po...
46.82 ש"ח
Sony (SONY) [PS4 official accessories] new PlayStation 4 bracket (transparent) Packaging Shipping Weight : 0.28kg Net Weight : 0.28kg Package Size : 12.8cm x 3.5cm x 31.8cm What’s in the box : Black handle * 1 In the case of .attrDiv{ fl...
28.43 ש"ח
[Xbox One S host] Microsoft (Microsoft) Xbox One S 1TB home entertainment game machine (can be a sense of body) Packaging Shipping Weight : 5.1kg Net Weight : 5.1kg Package Size : 29.0cm x 11.3cm x 43.0cm What’s in the box : Xbox One host * 1, Kinect ...
427.82 ש"ח
SONY (PS4 host) PlayStation 4 computer entertainment game console 500G (black) 17 version of the new model Packaging Shipping Weight : 3.17kg Net Weight : 3.17kg Package Size : 33.7cm x 9.0cm x 42.3cm What’s in the box : PS4 Black Host * 1, Black Wire...
388.07 ש"ח
SONY (PS4 Pro host) PlayStation 4 Pro computer entertainment game console 1TB (white) Packaging Shipping Weight : 4.46kg Net Weight : 4.46kg Package Size : 37.5cm x 12.0cm x 46.4cm What’s in the box : PS4 Pro White Host * 1, White Wireless Handle * 1,...
493.96 ש"ח
Sony Playstation 4 Gaming System 500GB White Packaging Shipping Weight : 3.18kg Net Weight : 3.18kg Package Size : 33.7cm x 9.9cm x 42.7cm What’s in the box : PS4 White Host * 1, White Wireless Handle * 1, USB Cable * 1, AC Power Cord * 1, HDMI Cable ...
374.81 ש"ח
Sony (SONY) [National Bank PS VR] new PlayStation VR boutique set Packaging Shipping Weight : 4.315kg Net Weight : 4.315kg Package Size : 29.4cm x 27.0cm x 36.0cm What’s in the box : PS VR virtual reality headset*1, processor unit*1, virtual reality h...
478.35 ש"ח
NVIDIA NIELDIA SHIELD PC game streaming support 4K HDR featured NINTENDO classic game artificial intelligence voice control Packaging Shipping Weight : 1.235kg Net Weight : 1.235kg Package Size : 19.5cm x 10.1cm x 19.5cm What’s in the box : SHIELD x1,...
253.40 ש"ח
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